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GEAN is an international management consulting firm with headquarters in Atlanta, GA, USA. With three decades of experience, GEAN is the only firm in the world specializing in management consulting for machinery manufacturers, and one of the few with significant experience in management of industrial goods manufacturers (industrial machine components, ingredients and additives).

GEAN's largest and most comprehensive mission was, from 1987-1999, with one firm which eventually became the world leader in machinery for primary aluminium smelters (see library) During this mission, GEAN became active in strategic analysis and implementation for the primary aluminum industry and the energy related industries since 1980.

In addition to consulting, GEAN publishes The ENAL Newsletter, a unique, complete ten-year forecast account and forecast of investments in the primary aluminum smelting industry and in related energy generation investments.

GEAN's clients and ex-clients are often world leaders on their markets and are located in North America, Europe and Asia. We have been instrumental in approximately 60 acquisitions or joint ventures, most often across borders, always between manufacturers of industrial goods.

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