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Dr. Eng. Andre R. Teissier-DuCros - Founder Agent with Power of Attorney

As a consultant in corporate strategy, Andre has a reputation worldwide as a negotiator and moderator, more especially within the context of M&A, joint ventures, and equity funding. He has over three decades developed unique skills in ‘the art of business negotiations’ - throughout industries and government - both U.S. and abroad. His solid belief is that optimizing negotiations effectiveness can be done - not through theory; but through practical and reasonable methods - using ‘same side of the table’ negotiations approach. The general guideline is anticipating what the best course of action and solution will be from the onset to end of a deal which is being negotiated, emphasizing where the outcome affects and influences both client and other party, which are thus “married” through their joint long term common goals. Andre is a fair and experienced negotiator/facilitator between foreign firms which never met before; between embittered competitors; and, between the firms and government. Having the comprehensive business and personal experience of foreign countries and their institutions, Andre has been since 1972 instrumental in over sixty successful joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions in at least forty countries. Andre founded his firm in 1972 in Paris, France. In 1983, He moved the firm under new name GEAN Overseas, Inc. to Atlanta GA while immigrating to the US. He became a United States citizen in 1988.

Since 1980, Dr. Eng. Andre R. Teissier DuCros specialized his consulting practice in strategies for the manufacturer of industrial products addressing an international market niche: capital goods such as industry-specific machinery, heavy transport components, additives & ingredients, etc. His ongoing experiences with six manufacturers controlling 50% to 100% of world market share lead him to define original competitive advantages for such businesses.

Since 1998, GEAN Overseas’s business extended into China through an association with Mr. Bowen Lo, Taiwanese born US Citizen and graduate of University of Houston, bringing to the firm his extensive experience in machinery trade and business development in the equipment industry between China and the West. This highly successful association lead in 2008 to the acquisition by the Targon Group, Shanghai, of the goodwill of GEAN Overseas, thus creating the new venture Targon-GEAN Overseas with offices in Shanghai and Houston, and branches in Sauve (Montpellier), France and Stuttgart, Germany. Some Chinese references include Yangzhou GuangXin Machinery (tunneling equipment), Xiamen Liming Machinery, and Hebei Jinhuan Co., Ltd.

He has been involved in successful ventures within steel, ferrous & non-ferrous metals; aerospace industry, industrial machinery, automobile and vehicles, petroleum refining, coal and natural gas mining and processing, electricity generation, transformation and distribution, internal combustion engines and turbines, solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic), basic and specialty chemicals, bio-engineering, housing and construction, water desalination, steel application in metal building, food processing, air-conditioning, water & wastewater treatment. . . this with an on-going experience to this day in primary aluminum smelting, energy generation and distribution.

Most often his missions for industry result in some sort of acquisition or strategic combination global-wide. Through these operations he includes search, assessment and negotiation of acquisitions and joint ventures; “turn-around” and start-up management; search of partners and investors; financial engineering for existing businesses, a foreign subsidiary, import and export ventures, including ‘subsidology’; market research and strategic analysis; feasibility studies as well as long-term and short-term financial forecasting.

Since 1992, He publishes The ENALNewsletter, (www.enalnewsletter.com), an Internet confidential letter specialized in a revolving 10 year forecast on investments and trends in the primary aluminum industry; along with issues pertaining to the concerns of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, as well as logistics & warehousing addressing that industry. The ENALNewsletter is now a recognized authority on world primary aluminum in Industry, Government and Financial Institutions.

Dr. Eng. Andre Teissier-Cros also publishes The DIESELAIR Newsletter (www.dieselair.com) which is primarily targeted to the interests of the world General Aviation Industry and analyses the progress of diesel engines for aircraft.

Andre’s consulting activities involved corporations such as Boeing Corporation, Aerospatiale (now EADS), Century Aluminum, Hoogovens Aluminum (now Corus), SNECMA, Southwire Company, Lyonnaise des Eaux (now Ondeo), Egyptalum, Alumax (now part of Alcoa), Kodak-Europe, ITT-Europe, BellSouth, Pechiney Group (now part of Alcan Rio Tinto), Noranda Aluminum (now a subsidiary of Apollo Management), Aluminum Industries of Malaysia, Toth Aluminum, Michelin Tires, Honeywell, Peugeot S.A., Finmeccanica, Lafarge Group, General Mills, Engelhard Corp., Alstom, General Electric Co., Bonneville Power Authority, Tennessee Valley Authority, Oak Ridge Laboratories, Framatome (now AREVA), Ratier-Figeac (now a division of Hamilton Sundstrand), Valeo Group, l’Air Liquide, Kawasaki Steel, and Rockwell Auto Components. Also, mid-size machinery manufacturers such as ECL S.A. (Aluminum Pechiney), SERMAS Industrie, Franrica Mfg. (FMC), Gauder Group, ASC Machine-Tools, Ross Controls, Ipic BV. These assignments lead him to an array of new business strategies, diversification programs, market share increase and capture of other competitive advantages.

His references with national and regional government and international institutions include the following:

City of Atlanta, GA - From 1991-1998 Teissier-DuCros’ firm was instrumental in the privatization of the Water Department through the first twenty year O&M Contract put into place in the United States, in this case with United Water, US subsidiary of Suez-Lyonnaise des Eaux, France.

USA & Canada - From May 1992 - Dec 1993 Teissier-DuCros acted as a temporary CEO of SSI Corporation, the leading manufacturer of washing-cleaning-maintenance equipment for mass transit vehicles (metros, streetcars, buses, shuttles...); which controlled over 60% of the North American market with plants in Mississauga, Ontario and Tonawanda, NY. This was a ‘turn-around’ situation during which sales doubled. Upon this occasion, he became familiar with business practices between Municipalities and Minority Enterprises; along with the legal framework in which Minority Enterprises operate. SSI was later successfully divested to WashTec (Germany, world leader).

The French Republic - Teissier Du-Cros held a post for a Secretary General of the National Commission for Industrial Innovation appointed by Mr. Georges Pompidou, then President of France [1967-1972]; participated in the creation of ANVAR, the National Agency for Technology Transfer, 1966-1975; was Chairman of the Technology Chapter of the Commission for French Competitiveness appointed by Raymond Barre, Prime Minister, 1979-1980; was actively involved in the creation and management of ANCE, the National Agency for New Business Creation, 1978-1982; undertook various missions for Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Research & Technology, City of Paris; participated in workshops and viability studies regarding Delegation of Municipal Services in water and sewer and in similar studies regarding Urban Transportation.

U.S. Gaming Industries - Teissier-DuCros was instrumental in the merger between the three world leaders in gaming supplies for casinos: Paulson Gaming Co. (Las Vegas, NV), Bourgogne & Grasset (France) and The Bud Jones Company (Las Vegas, NV), which was approved by the Gaming Boards of fourteen States and forty Indian Reservations (1998-2002). The new entity is publicly traded (ticker GPIC) on the NASDAQ. Share price went from 60 cents in 1998 to around $20 in mid ‘06.

Boeing Corporation - French Republic/US Administration: (Confidential references upon request) - 1991-1992: Teissier-DuCros provided intelligence and various analyses on: Political context in which Airbus Industrie might convert its legal structure from GIE to publicly traded corporation. He reported on what were the barriers to such a reform which would guarantee transparency of origin and allocation of government subsidies.

SNECMA/French Republic - In 1969, Teissier-DuCros provided intelligence and various analyses related to the continuous government support to the CFM joint venture between SNECMA (aircraft turbo-engines) and General Electric leading to the production of a new range of turbo-engines for commercial aircraft. His intervention was instrumental in triggering French Government decision to pursue funding the venture, which is today a major supplier of turbojets for airliners.

Quebec Province, Canada - Ministry of Industry: Workshops and seminars with high-level civil servants on developing competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. A result of these workshops was a program that eventually became a successful specialty of the Province [1975-1978] in export of engineering services to heavy process industries.

Republic of Madagascar - Development of the Energy Sector.

He is an FAA licensed IFR private pilot. He is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Born in France, Andre is French and Scottish by lineage borne of his parents’ heritage. He is the father of three grown daughters. His literary works include publication of four books in France and the translation in English of Jacques Caubet’s The Fifth Rung on Jacob’s Ladder (Xulon Press, http://www.xulonpress.com/book_detail.php?id=2386); he has written numerous published articles of subjective and authentic topics, and gives regularly lectures sponsored by several organizations. His educational background includes earning his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD degree in Materials Sciences from SupMeca, 1958-61. From 1988 to 2001, Andre was President of the U.S. Southeast Chapter of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (C.C.E.F.). He has been from 1994 to 2001 an Adjunct Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Business Management, where he taught the course on Strategic Competitiveness Assessment. He is since February ’08 the President of Alliance Française of Atlanta, Georgia (www.afatl.com).

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